Ring Wireless Video Doorbell: Review!

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Let’s talk about home smart tech. You’ve got smart thermometers, you’ve got smart light bulbs, smart washing machines, smart tumble driers, and smart dishwashers. Wait, what’s next? The last thing you would not think of is the doorbell – the doorbell on the front of your house. How can this be smart? In this review, we take a look at the Ring Smart Doorbell.

Ring Wireless Video Doorbell Review

Let’s take a look at it. It’s called the Ring Doorbell. As you can see, it’s a little larger than your standard doorbell but it looks fairly nice and it comes in numerous different colors when you order it. You can choose what would suit your house. Now Ring connects to your home internet connection via WiFi via its really simple set up on iOS or Android and what it practically does, is send you push-notifications to your mobile device. Whether it can detect motion at your front door, whether someone physically presses the button and then you can see a live video feed of what is going on at your front door.

You can do two-way communicate, so if the mailman is here and he’s saying “Hi Michael, I’ve got a parcel for you,” I can be in the car and be speaking, speaking to him through the doorbell saying: “Mate, stay there, I’ll be back in two minutes, I’m just in the car.” And I can see him, I can see what’s going on.

Now the first thought getting the Ring Doorbell is: How do you wire this thing up, I bet it’s really complicated. But it’s really not! You actually need no cables at all. There are two ways of doing this. So, the Ring doorbell actually has a built-in battery, which can last up to seven days in our testing and you charge it up via Micro USB; charge it up overnight, leave it for seven days and it’s your doorbell for seven days until you charge it again.

Or, if you have an existing doorbell as we have,

you can take off your existing doorbell, connect it up to this Ring doorbell and it will then power it 24/7 and will also use the ringer inside of your house as well as the mobile app to contact you. So let’s look live at how this thing works. It’s a standard doorbell with one button, one camera, it looks cool; your postman comes up, or whoever it is, they press it and it makes a beautiful little sound and does a little circle and then your phone starts making a noise: Bell, there’s someone at your front door.

Ring Wireless Doorbell – Any Flaws?


We have hard-wired our Ring doorbell into our system. You can turn off ring alerts so if you don’t want to get ring alerts for the day, you can turn them off. We prefer to keep them on all the time though.

Motion alerts can be set, you also can set up motion settings, you can do zones, smart alerts and there are also video tutorials all the way around the app which is brilliant. You can view your recent activity. This is brilliant so you can get all, rings, motion or live view. Let’s look at “rings” first. So these are all of the rings here and it tells you if the ring has been accepted and the door’s been opened or if the ring was missed.

And on any of these activities, you can click on them and it will play back live the activity as to what was there. You can also see if people have been using the live view function which, yes, you don’t have to have the ring doorbell detect motion or someone to press it to look at the camera – you can physically click on live view and just have a live view of the camera on the driveway or wherever you have your Ring doorbell placed.

A “talk” button can be clicked

and you can then hear what’s on the driveway and now my voice is also coming out on to the driveway. You can also set up shared users: so it can go to maybe your wife’s phone or your husband’s phone or anyone’s phone in the family who lives in the house. You can have them all linked up so as soon as someone presses the doorbell or as soon as motion is detected, everyone gets the same alert.

Now to take advantage of the live playback features so the camera actually records and you can playback on your mobile device all of the activities, rings and live motion you have to pay a subscription fee and it is really, really not a big deal, coming in at $30 per year.

You may as well just pay it. So just as we thought smart homes couldn’t get any smarter, now my doorbell is communicating with my phone! Incredible stuff really.


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