Fosmon WaveLink 51008HOM Wireless Doorbell (Operating Range – 300M/1,000FT | 52 Chime Tunes | 4 Volume Levels | LED Indicators)

$19.99 (as of 16. October 2019, 23:58)

[MONITOR THE AREAS MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU] WaveLink wireless doorbell offers a generous transmit range of nearly 1000 feet. Far enough to cover every door in your house. Expand the system by pairing up to 10 receivers to one push button transmitter, or 10 transmitters to one receiver. This wireless doorbell kit allows you to add WaveLink security contact sensor or WaveLink motion detector. The choice is yours.
[52 UNIQUE CHIMES] 52 unique ringtones and chimes allow your wireless door and window alarm system to meet any need.
[PROVIDE PEACE OF MIND FOR THE HEARING IMPAIRED] With its built in LED indicator, the wireless door alarm receiver and transmitter offer additional assistance when coupled with the receiver to the hearing impaired. Difficulty hearing is no problem with WaveLink.

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